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Terms & Conditions is a web based service. We DO NOT install any software, application or program on your systems.

Data that you upload to us is only stored for the duration of your log in session. Once the session is completed, the data is deleted.

We checksum the data used for successful returns and store the checksum along with a log of your return from HMRC.

You agree to us charging you for the service. See our Pricing & Charges page for details.

We bear no responsibility for the validity of the data you provide. The values we return to HMRC are the values you pass to us.

You must pass correctly formatted data to us, e.g. amounts rounded to whole pounds for box 6 on the VAT100 form. We do round these numbers anyway but we expect them to be correct.

HMRC reject returns where they are not rounded so we round them to minimise the risk of them being rejected.

We will show you the return we post on your behalf. You have to accept it is correct before we actually post it.

We do not calculate your VAT return. You need to do this in your spreadsheet/application and we merely transfer that data to HMRC.

We are NOT responsible for errors in your data.

You need to accept the following declaration (as specified by HMRC) before we post the return :

When you submit this VAT information you are making a legal declaration that the information is true and complete. A false declaration can result in prosecution.

We charge a subscription to use the service. The subscription becomes due after you upload your first return to HMRC. See our Pricing page for more information.