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From the 1st April 2019, all VAT registered businesses with a turnover greater than the VAT threshold must keep their VAT records electronically. VAT returns must also be electronic and HMRC do not allow manual copying of the return data to HMRC's systems. All transfers from your electronic VAT records must be electronic.

Having to electronically transfer the data is problematical for spreadsheets and in house systems. can be used to submit your VAT returns electronically if you are using a spreadsheet or an in house developed system. is exactly that - it forms an electronic bridge between your spreadsheet/system and HMRC's system allowing you to upload your return data without having to manually copy it. accepts spreadsheet data, CSV formatted data and also plain text formatted interchange data. Once you have your spreadsheet prepared, it is a simple task to upload it to and make the return.

See the About Page for further information.

Why Use ? allows you to continue using your existing system to make your VAT returns. You do not need to go out and buy a new accounting package or pay a monthly subscription for an accounting app.

The VAT returns must also be filed electronically and there must be no manual copying of data between forms.
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Short Outage of
The site was down for maintenance 21:00-21:30 on 10th October - so we increase database space.
No Deal Brexit & MTD VAT
HMRC Released a memo to MTD VAT developers explaining that in the event of a no deal Brexit there will have to be changes to the API and the VAT100 forms. It seems as if we have a moving target... News will be updated as more details become available.
HMRC MTD VAT API Unavailability This Weekend
HMRC's MTD VAT API will be offline 00:00 to 08:00 on Sunday 13th October 2019. Users will not be able to upload VAT returns or query liabilities etc. This is an HMRC issue and affects all HMRC users not just
Minor Site Update and New Features rolled out.
Added code to timeout idle sessions, cleaned up some untidy modules and modified some modules to use HMRC API calls rather than cached data.
MTDVAT API Service Resumed
HMRC have restored the MTD VAT API Service. should all be working fine now.